Monday, December 13, 2010


30 November 2010

Dear Kabalens,

Kumusta ka la, Kabalens? Kulan mo la ey? Siopara so akapanpari ed sikatayo ey?

Kabalens, our beloved Alma Mater, the Mary Help of Christians College Seminary in Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City is now 25 years old! Yes, singano karuman labat tayo ingapo. All the former Rectors are still alive with us: Fr. Butch, Msgr. Sabangan, Fr. Oliver and Bishop Rene. Fr. Ayong whom most of us know is the current Rector. Imagine that in 25 years, we have produced 74 priests from our seminary – out of the 292 who graduated, out of the 740 who entered! Thanks be to God!

Kabalens, it is not true that we have produced more lawyers than priests. It is true many have become lawyers, but still greater have continued to serve the Lord. We thank the loving care and protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Help of Christians!

Kabalens, would you like to come to Bonuan again for a Grand Reunion to celebrate the seminary’s silver anniversary? Would you like to see your batchmates and contemporaries again? We sincerely would like to see you again. You are and have always been welcome to visit “our” seminary. You will see a lot of changes…. but the structure is still the same. There is permanence in the vast metaphysical world that changes….

Kabalens, please don’t get angry if we tell you that your presence is important. For the love of Bonuan Seminary. For the love of Mary. For the love of Jesus – who once called you to become a priest in this institution. Let us forgive and forget all our bad experiences as long as we have learned good lessons from them. Just come back. Come home…

Kabalens, here are details: The grand celebration is February 12, 2011 which is a Saturday. Registration starts at 9AM and there will be sports. Don’t worry, the Limon Hall which will be rededicated is already air-conditioned. There will be lunch and program at 12NN, and then at 4PM, Archbishop Socrates Villegas will preside over the Mass. At 6PM, we shall have early dinner to be followed by the Musical-Play of the Seminarians on San Lorenzo Ruiz. There will be a lot of time for talking and celebrating.

Kabalens, kaya lang, siempre, may contribution tayo. I am sure you would like to help the seminary in some way. Maybe, batch by batch big donations. Pero, mahirap ang buhay ngayon. That is why we decided to ask you for a one-time donation. It will cover registration, lunch, dinner, snacks and play ticket for the occasion, plus free alumni-homecoming t-shirt pa. P2,500.00 lang. The proceeds will go to the repair of the seminary comfort rooms. Okay ba? Biro mo, ang CR nila, ginamit pa natin noon. Huh!

Kabalens, please come home to Bonuan again. February 12, ha? See you soon!

Love and mwah,

Your Bonuan Kaba (a.k.a. Kabalens din yan).