Thursday, March 11, 2010

We love you, Father Roy!

HOMILY on the

Funeral Mass for Fr. Roberto C. Villamil

12 March 2010

by Rev. Fr. Mario R. Morales, Rector of the Mary Help of Christians College Seminary

Last Friday, March 5, Father Soc, our Archbishop announced through a text message that, “Our brother in Christ, Father Roberto C. Villamil died in the grace of the Lord in Dagupan City at the age of fifty nine. At the time of his death, he was the procurator of the Mary Help of Christians College Seminary. He was born on January 5, 1951 and received priestly ordination on April 16, 1977.”

As Rector of the College Seminary, the Archbishop asked me to deliver this homily on the funeral mass of Father Roy.

It is very difficult to preach in this funeral. It is very difficult to preach about Fr. Roy – as a priest of the Archdiocese, a brother to his 5 siblings, a son to his dear Mamang and Papang, and a friend to many seminarians and the lay.

Allow me to give a short reflection. Fr. Roy’s preaching were always short. Allow me to read this homily. Fr. Roy’s homilies in the past few years were always read.

FIRST, the Book of Lamentations says, that “the favors of the Lord are not exhausted, His mercies are not spent. Every morning, they are renewed. Great is his faithfulness. I will always trust in him.” Fr. Roy did not like to die. He believed in God’s mercy and goodness that he will get well again – like in the past, which has happened many times when he got ill. He was ready to go home. But God’s mercy has brought him to another home – where there will be no more illness, no more diabetes, no more medicines, and but more candies and chocolates…

SECOND, other passages in the gospels say that evil will not triumph, that in the darkest hour when Jesus lay dying on the cross, that suffering led to the resurrection. Fr. Roy is a priest – for almost 33 years. He was a pastor of this parish of the Annunciation and later in St. Gabriel before he was permanently assigned in the College Seminary. He anointed many sick people, and celebrated Eucharist even at funeral masses. He preached about his own faith in the resurrection. He prayed for the forgiveness of sins and for eternal happiness and peace. Those words now come true at this hour, for him too.

THIRD, we say to Father Roy the three most powerful words of human speech. He was not very open with these, and he never asked for these in his lifetime. He was humble and modest ALWAYS when he was honored. But, we need to say these to you, Father Roy:

THANK YOU, Father Roy, for the many wonderful years of your life. For bringing so much joy and love in your family. For the friendship you have shared with many of your brother priests. For the kindness and generosity you have shown to many seminarians. For the heart that served so many people in the Church.

SORRY, Father Roy, that you have to go now. Sorry for all our sins against you. For hurting you, for laughing, for keeping silent. Sorry for the not so good stories we have shared. Sorry for not taking really good care of you. WE FORGIVE YOU , Father Roy, of all your sins if in any way you have sinned against any of us.

Most of all, WE LOVE YOU, Father Roy. These words say it all. You are no longer with us, but you will always be in our hearts. We promise to pray for you – always. Please pray for us, too.

Eternal rest, grant unto you, Father Roy. Let perpetual light, shine upon you. May you now rest in peace. Amen.